You choose the payment method on the Checkout page before checking out.

Pay by card

Use this option to pay by a credit or debit card online. After checking out, a window of payment gateway portal appears, and here you will enter the required information about your card.

We will be notified about a successful payment in real-time so we can immediately proceed with shipment.

Direct bank transfer

We will send you a mail with payment instructions after confirming your order. In that mail you will find the account number(s), where to transfer money, and the grand total of your order. Please use the order number as a payment reference, it will help us to identify your payment quickly.

Our accounts accepts payments in EUR (euro), and CZK (Czech koruna). If you want to pay by direct bank transfer from an account in different currency, please make sure we will receive the money in the same currency you made your order in, and in the exact amount. Any exchange and transfer fees will be yours to bear.

Once the payment arrives to our account and we identify it, we will proceed with sending out the package. Our accounts are in Fio bank, seated in Slovakia. Cross bank transfers can take a couple of days, and processing of your order will prolong by that period.

You have 10 days to make the payment. If you will not make it in time, your order will be cancelled. You can of course place another order again.

Cash on delivery

Choose COD in case you want to pay when receiving the package.

When using COD, we will charge you with a COD fee, because the COD service is provided by carriers for a fee.

Cash payment

We regret to say that payment in cash, except for cash on delivery as above, is not possible.