About Diaper Pricing

On most shops similar to ours, diapers are sold by packs, where one pack contains 10 (12, 15, 8 … varies by brand and model) diapers. Some shops might even sell by a box, where you have several packs boxed together in a cardboard box.

We understand that, sometimes, one does not want or need a whole pack. That is where mmmm.sk can help: we give you a possibility to buy diapers by piece, as many pieces and sizes and combinations as you wish. However, to fulfill your by-piece orders, we have to open a pack, take out your ordered diapers individually, pack them, store the rest of the bag, and do this for each and every brand and size you order. We believe it is not hard to see there is some work involved, and some costs too.

Processing the order means we have to pack it, ship it to the courier (or have it picked up), issue your invoice, etc. These tasks are the same no matter the size (or grand total) of your order. We do not have any threshold set on how many diapers should go into your order, but imagine packing 15 orders with one, two, or four diapers in each… Looking back at how we did in 2022, we feel it is simply not feasible to sell single diapers at a portion of the pack price.

Therefore, we continue to offer you the option to buy by piece, only the price of by-piece diaper is set higher than simply the pack price divided by 10 (12, 15, 8 …). In this manner, you still can buy not-a-whole-pack, while our expenses are covered.

To sweeten the deal: price of a single diaper in your order depends on total count of these singles diapers you buy. The more you buy, the cheaper will one diaper be. Our shop takes into account all the singles diapers you have in your cart (it combines all the different brands and sizes), and their total number determines the final price. You can always check by displaying your cart, and if you feel like exploring, you can adjust amounts of individual items in the cart to see how the per-piece price changes.

Nevertheless, if the price is a deciding factor for you, buying a pack is still the cheapest option.