Snappi Diaper Fasteners XL 5pcs


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Over 80 million Snappis in the last 20 years. How? Moms have gotten tired of diaper pins. A diaper pin is ugly, sharp, and unsightly. Give your baby some style!

Snappi fasteners are made of an elastic material and work like a belt on your baby’s cloth diapers. Normally, Snappis work better on loose weave diapers, such as cotton. Flannel, and other tightly woven materials, are not as easy for a Snappi to hook onto.

How long do Snappis work? We’ve heard of Snappis being used for years! Officially the lifespan is around 6 months. However, as long as there are no tears in your Snappi, keep using them!

OK, I like the Idea. How Do I Use It?

To improve elasticity, stretch your Snappi fastener a few times before use. Step 1: Hook left Step 2: Stretch across and hook right Step 3: Stretch down and hook center The Snappi should go from a “T” shape to a “Y” shape when stretched properly.

5 packs are made up of 1 x blue, 1 x gray, 1 x green, 1 x orange, and 1 x white

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