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OSS registration

Well, that did not take long 😉
We are now registered into One-stop Shop (OSS) system.
In practice it means that if you live within the European Union, we will issue you an invoice with VAT rate according to your (i.e. shipping) country — the same as if you would shop locally.
If you happen to live outside the European Union, the invoice will be without VAT, and you will be responsible for paying respective customs fees and taxes when the parcel gets imported into your country.

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VAT registration

Dear all,
we are registered for VAT, effective February 18, 2022.
For you –as the end customers– not much has changed. Most prices remain as they were, and the main difference is that now you’ll receive your invoices with prices broken down with respect to VAT applied.
For the time being, we are obliged to sell with Slovak VAT rate of 20 per cent. This might however change in the near future, for we have applied for registration into OSS. Once there, VAT will depend on the country we ship to, i.e. your country.
As usual, if you see something which does not work as expected, please leave us a note at
Happy shopping,

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Catching up…

Hello all,

It’s been quite a wild ride since we launched the shop back in April. We focused primarily on the main shop’s functions, setting things up and polishing the processes. As it often happens, not much time was left to write stories about it.

That has to change.

From now on, we will take the time to publish all news regarding the shop here:

  • Of any major restock, you will see info here.
  • When shipping options change, you will read about it here as well.
  • From time to time we receive questions, and will try to publish them along with answers here as well.

At this point, we do not want to spread the news by sending tons of emails to you, as we consider that on borderline of spamming. Instead, we will publish anything worth mentioning here on our blog.

Thank you all so much for the support shown so far,