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Payments by wire transfer

We are currently experiencing some troubles with our software.

When you pay for your order by wire transfer, you should receive an email with payment instructions, based on the currency you chose for the order. However, it seems not to be true now. The software fails to pick the appropriate account number to send to you.

Should you not be certain, please use these accounts:

  • CZ56 2010 0000 0025 0199 0988 (2501990988/2010) for payments in Czech koruna (CZK/Kč)
  • SK70 8330 0000 0029 0190 3601 (2901903601/8330) for payments in Euro (EUR/€) and any other currencies as well

As the payment reference, use the order number.

We are investigating the issue and will fix it eventually. Thank you for understanding.

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New items on stock

Some new items have arrived today:

We also have restocked:

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Q: Will you be stocking diapers in size M for those which you currently have only in L and XL? (Viktor)

A: In short, yes. If they are available, we will surely order some. In fact, some new diapers arrived just today and more are to come.

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We are proud to be an official retailer for Rearz Inc.

Their product portfolio is quite vast. We are simply not able to stock all of that.

Should you want to buy anything, just let us know, and we can arrange it for your desired products to come our way soon. Average stock time is about 3 weeks, which includes the order, shipment, and mainly the clearance with customs.

You can find some of their products in our catalog, but if what you want is not there, just drop us a note. This offer is valid for everything you can find on their site, save for disposable diapers; due to logistic issues, we stock these from local retailers instead.

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Catching up…

Hello all,

It’s been quite a wild ride since we launched the shop back in April. We focused primarily on the main shop’s functions, setting things up and polishing the processes. As it often happens, not much time was left to write stories about it.

That has to change.

From now on, we will take the time to publish all news regarding the shop here:

  • Of any major restock, you will see info here.
  • When shipping options change, you will read about it here as well.
  • From time to time we receive questions, and will try to publish them along with answers here as well.

At this point, we do not want to spread the news by sending tons of emails to you, as we consider that on borderline of spamming. Instead, we will publish anything worth mentioning here on our blog.

Thank you all so much for the support shown so far,