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New stock and Menu Shortcuts

Last week we replenished our stock with some diapers, and today some 30+ onesies arrived.
We are restocking continuously, watch out for newest items at Latest additions.

And, let’s not forget: we have added a bunch of shortcuts on the top banner next to our logo.
These will show you the latest in-stock items in category of your choice.

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OSS registration

Well, that did not take long 😉
We are now registered into One-stop Shop (OSS) system.
In practice it means that if you live within the European Union, we will issue you an invoice with VAT rate according to your (i.e. shipping) country — the same as if you would shop locally.
If you happen to live outside the European Union, the invoice will be without VAT, and you will be responsible for paying respective customs fees and taxes when the parcel gets imported into your country.

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VAT registration

Dear all,
we are registered for VAT, effective February 18, 2022.
For you –as the end customers– not much has changed. Most prices remain as they were, and the main difference is that now you’ll receive your invoices with prices broken down with respect to VAT applied.
For the time being, we are obliged to sell with Slovak VAT rate of 20 per cent. This might however change in the near future, for we have applied for registration into OSS. Once there, VAT will depend on the country we ship to, i.e. your country.
As usual, if you see something which does not work as expected, please leave us a note at
Happy shopping,

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Payments by wire transfer

We are currently experiencing some troubles with our software.

When you pay for your order by wire transfer, you should receive an email with payment instructions, based on the currency you chose for the order. However, it seems not to be true now. The software fails to pick the appropriate account number to send to you.

Should you not be certain, please use these accounts:

  • CZ56 2010 0000 0025 0199 0988 (2501990988/2010) for payments in Czech koruna (CZK/Kč)
  • SK70 8330 0000 0029 0190 3601 (2901903601/8330) for payments in Euro (EUR/€) and any other currencies as well

As the payment reference, use the order number.

We are investigating the issue and will fix it eventually. Thank you for understanding.

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New items on stock

Some new items have arrived today:

We also have restocked: